Why Choose Hydro-Jet?

Our Company

Hydro-Jet has been meeting Alberta's water jetting needs since January of 2008. Hydro-Jet started up as a response to the needs of the oil industry. Water jetting companies could not keep up with the demands on the industry, and it would often be weeks before they could start a job. An advantage of being a smaller company is that Hydro-Jet is able to start jobs much more quickly.

Our on-demand water jetting services aim to start jobs within three days of recieving them. You won't find faster or more customer-focused service anywhere in the water jetting industry. At Hydro-jet, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Commitment to Safety

We at Hydro-Jet Aqua Pressure Systems Ltd. are constantly working toward an even more meaningful safety process; no process is of value without the complete support and dedication of every manager, supervisor, employee and contractor.

We require as a condition of employment: that you work safety, use the safety equipment provided, that you exercise care and judgment and co-operate fully with us in the use of the systems and procedures provided in this program.

No job is so urgent that it cannot be properly evaluated for hazards and made safe for all personnel before the work is started.